Our Process

Seamless. Limitless. Endless. Recruitment Process.

At V3, we design our hiring process to ensure personalised solutions that match the ideal candidates to your specific needs.

Here’s what set us apart from rest

We are driven by insights. Not by guts.

We select the right talent for you based on in-depth research to identify skills and the right talent based on your needs, ensuring that you get the best fit for your company.


TAT is what matters

Timing is key to the staffing process, which is why we reduce turnaround time to fill suitable positions in the least possible time.


Experience. Expertise. Excellence. We have it all.

Stick to your core business. Let our seasoned recruiting team identify and evaluate candidates from start to finish as you accomplish various business milestones.


At your service

For us, recruitment is an everlasting bond with our clients. It’s precisely why we have a dedicated account manager for each client to provide end-to-end solutions.

Here is a quick lowdown of our recruitment process


1. Getting familiar

No two companies are the same. We study distinct cultures, values, and overall goals of enterprises to source the best candidates. These processes enable us to understand the context of each job role and how it fits into the strategy of the organization.


2. Know your role

We analyze, break down and plan each role by reviewing the job description and requirements provided by the organization. This step allows companies to identify key competencies and capabilities of an ideal candidate to tailor their search and selection process accordingly.


3. Mapping is key to hiring

Recruitment is about mapping the optimum talent by reviewing the industry trends, market dynamics and demand and supply equilibrium for specific skills and experience. For this step, we need to use various tools and techniques, such as LinkedIn, leading job boards, headhunting from competitor companies, and referrals, to find and connect with suitable candidates


4. Unlocking the right candidates

This process involves sourcing and identifying the right candidates for your organisation. It involves actively seeking out and attracting potential candidates for a particular role by reaching out to active job seekers over various hiring platforms, advertising over social media to generate an inbound candidate pipeline, and tapping our active database of 4 lakhs aspirants.


5. Evaluation and shortlist

Evaluation and shortlisting involve reviewing the resumes and applications of candidates to determine which ones are the most qualified and suitable for the role. We conduct initial screens or assessments, such as phone interviews or skills tests, to narrow down the pool of candidates. 

We also administer skills and personality tests to help determine which candidates are the best fit for the role. After completing these steps, the hiring team should have a shortlist of top candidates to invite for further interviews or other assessment activities.


6. Getting the right point of view with an interview

The interview process involves setting up and conducting interviews with candidates on behalf of the organisation. It means coordinating with the hiring manager to schedule interviews, guiding candidates on the interview process, and collecting feedback on the candidates.  These may include one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, or technical interviews. The goal is to assess the candidates’ fit for the role, along with their skills, experience, and personality.


7. Making the dream offer

Offer negotiation involves discussing the terms of the job offer with the selected candidate on behalf of the organisation. The process includes negotiating salary and benefits, along with discussions about other conditions of employment to come to a mutual agreement and understanding.


8. Welcome onboard

We create a seamless ecosystem to onboard candidates and ensure a smooth transition into the role. For that, we coordinate with the relevant HR teams to arrange extensive training and orientation programs to help the new hire integrate into the enterprise.

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