Reasons for Staying Unemployed

Reinventing your careerMany people wonder why they are unable to find employment.

The following might shed some light on the situation.

Insufficient Networking

The most powerful tool for finding employment in modern times is networking. Most jobs that are acquired involve some type of networking. Responding to ads and relying on recruiters simply isn’t enough.

Lack of Interview Skills

There are basic guidelines when attending an interview. People tend to forget how important this initial meeting can be and due to this they remain unemployed. The first step is to dress appropriately. It is not recommended to give demands considering potential employers aren’t the ones looking for work. Keep in mind that this is not the best time to argue with the people conducting the interview.

Piercings and Tattoos

In some settings these won’t be a problem, but for the sake of professionalism remove and cover-up as much as possible. Take into account the type of work which is being applied for and remember that few people, if any, from the older generation has appreciation for this type of modern style.


Nothings says slouch like a stubble or unwashed hair. How people present themselves speak to how they handle their workload and in turn can make the difference between work and being unemployed.

High Demands

It is unfortunate, but don’t expect the next employer to pick up where the previous one left off. Expectations to receive what used to be earned should be discarded as soon as possible because it will only lead to disappointment.


This is a hard pill to swallow, but most enterprises refrain from employing someone with a Bachelor’s degree in business with 10 years of experience at an entry level position. There are obvious reasons for this scenario. For example, the candidate will constantly be looking for something better and most probably has a “better knowing” attitude.

Not Qualified

It is good thing to take chances, but in the employment world it doesn’t make sense to apply for a job when the qualifications can’t be met. Ultimately it wastes time on both sides.


A vast amount of employers will look past smokers because they consider it to be a very bad habit with too many side-effects. Longer breaks, smell and health issues are just some of the reasons why it makes finding employment so much harder.

Decline in a Particular Sector

A specific title or position might be falling away due to the economic struggles across the globe. Vast sectors are reducing and cutting certain areas and it is recommended to either search for something new or go back to school.


This is a common condition for many people. It can also be a big reason why employment is hard to find as well. The severity of this condition leaves a person unable to function properly or in some cases completely inactive. Get the right medication and treatment before attempting a job search.

Unpleasant Attitude

Potential employers want to meet energetic and positive people. They don’t however look for arrogant or rude employees. Have a good attitude when approaching a new job.

Anger Management

Anger has a way of seeping through the cracks and will no doubt have a great effect on how a person handles different situations. Regardless of where the anger comes from, work through it and don’t let it interfere with any future engagements.

Follow Instructions

When applying for a job be attentive to what is required. Employers have their reasons for certain expectations and it will give them a good idea of how a candidate will perform in an actual working situation. Failing to adhere to basic requirements which involve the application stage will result in unemployment.

Show Up for All Interview Events

Make a note to always take part in events involving the interview process. Skipping an event which is deemed unimportant by the candidate has unprofessional written all over.

Only Speak when Necessary 

Although it might not occur to talkative extroverts, too much talking by definition is irritating. Only speak when spoken to and try to stay on topic. Less is more in these situations.

Don’t Avoid Questions

If a question is asked then answer it as directly as possible. There is no need to create a speech which has nothing to do with the answer. What should be avoided are stupid answers. Be honest and open.


Nothing has more negative consequences than being under-prepared. It is crucial to see what is coming and how to react. If this or any other above mentioned factors prove to be too difficult to achieve, hire a quality and informed instructor who can help. See it as an investment rather than an expense.

For those who don’t fit the above description and still stay unemployed, it might just be a case of bad luck. In most cases a pattern can be seen which most likely relates to the given elements. Having a positive attitude, friendly approach and necessary qualifications can do wonders in the market place.

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