How To Motivate Your Employees..

Reinventing your careerEmployee motivation is a key factor in employee performance. If your workers are not satisfied with their work or the workplace, then chances are that they would try and shun their responsibilities, do low quality work and perform poorly.

So, to ensure excellent results and successful achievement of goals, the company must ensure that their employees are highly motivated. The motivation source can be anything – it could be monetary, non-monetary or other personal factors. As manager of a company (especially if you are a small organisation) finding the pulse of employees is very important.

If an employee is motivated, then he/she can reach their maximum potential. They can achieve their personal goals and aim at self-development. This in turn leads to professional excellence.  Once employees see a link between their efforts and results, then they tend to perform even better.

The most common mistake a company makes is to think that money is all that motivates an employee. While money is one of the most important aspects, what a company forgets is a list of other factors. For e.g.: recognising an employee for their achievements is quite imperative and so is listening to them. Your goals for the company should encompass the goals of an employee as well.

Remember employee satisfaction and employee efficiency are closely related!

Especially in times of economic crisis and troubling times, keeping your employees motivated should be your number one priority. You need to remind your employees that they need to overcome the obstacles of today’s market and emerge victorious on the other side. You have to strive hard to keep their morale high. Acknowledge their efforts and tell them that their contribution is needed by the company, more so now than ever.

Imagine you are the captain of a ship facing a big storm. You need to continuously encourage and motivate your crew members and give them support whenever the need be. A good leader would inspire his/her employees and would help them overcome their fears. Be their employer, friend, and leader and above all be a philosopher!

Most companies are nowadays hiring professional motivational speakers to help them get the best out of their employees. And that is not a bad idea!

A motivational speaker can help you help your employees. Your employees should be left with something to ponder about and they must feel more positive and uplifted. You need someone who excels in the art of communication, inspiration and motivation; someone who is a good listener too!

The performance of your employee depends on the way they think and the way they act. And a good motivational speaker or keynote speaker should be able to transform them in a way that they give their best!

Don’t underestimate the power of a keynote speaker – to motivate your employees, that is the right way to go!

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