Benefits Of Internal Movement At Your Existing Company

Reinventing your careerIf you are considering changing your job, the first thing you have probably though about is moving to another firm, with new staff and a new employer. However, you might find it beneficial to stay with the firm you are with, and to apply for another internal role with the same company.

Not only will this save you the hassle of having to move to a different office, and adapting to a new way of working, applying for an internal role with your current employer could provide you with a higher income, increased job satisfaction, and further career progression opportunities.

If you work for a small company, the range of jobs available to you in the same firm may be limited; a larger company however will often actively seek internal employees to fill vacancies, so it might be wise to check your company’s job board, or speak to the human resources department about any available positions.

Should I apply for another job within the same company?

One of the most common reasons for employees looking for vacancies with a different firm is because they don’t get on well with fellow employees or their boss. Because of this, they may actively seek work with a different employer.

– In a larger company, employees might flourish in a different department of the company, working with different staff and under a new team leader or manager. People often make the mistake and believe that other departments within the same company work in the same way. This isn’t always the case; a different team leader or manager may know how to utilize your skills, allowing you to progress your career within the same firm but under different circumstances.

– Remember, other managers within the same company can communicate in a different way, and you may work better with staff members who share your passion and ambition.

The benefits of working for the same firm

So when should you look for an internal opportunity within the same firm? Ask yourself if you have garnered a reputation in your current job that you would like to shake off. If so, would you relish the chance to work under a different team leader or manager within the same company and make a fresh start?

– Rather than becoming involved in office politics and feeling disenchanted in your current position, do your research and find out about other departments within the business. Find out what the core values and motivations are of the staff who work there, and see if there are any opportunities to apply for a position there.

– You may enjoy working for the company as a whole but find that you feel suffocated in your current position. If so, you might prosper in a position where you will be able to work with people who share a similar skillset to yourself. If you have a good track record and have adhered to performance standards in your current position, moving to a different department could present you with a number of opportunities, and would allow you to stay working for the same company but under different conditions. You wouldn’t have to worry about relocating to a different office on the other side of town, and could still work among the employees you do get on with.

How to secure a new position 

Before applying for a new position within the same company, there are a number of factors to consider. Find out about different departments and teams and find out what goes on there.

– You may already be familiar with staff from other departments if you talk to them during your lunch hour or on the way home from work. Ask them if they are satisfied with their job, and if there are any positions available. Have a look at internal job boards, and start networking. Meet people outside your current department and look or any training opportunities that the company offers that will allow you to move to a different job position within the business.

– Update your resume and focus on what the skills you have garnered since working for the company. If you secure an interview, explain why you still want to work for the same company, and go in detail about why you feel you are better suited for a different role.

– If you feel you lack the skills needed to progress to a different position, consider taking an evening class to increase your chance of being accepted for a new position.

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