IT Job Search? No Problem!

Reinventing your careerInternet is a great way to find Information Technology (IT) jobs. If you don’t know where to start looking for jobs, then go online now.

Here are some steps to help you land the perfect IT job:

1)      Find a job portal that has highest ratings and register there.

2)      Once you get confirmation from the website (it is usually done via an e-mail), you will then have access to the entire list of IT jobs available that suit your requirements.

3)      You may be asked to fill a form, upload your resume and fill in your profile. This is done to help you find jobs easily that relate to your qualifications, requirements and information given. Your profile will be matched automatically to vacancies available.

4)      At these job portals, you get the option of choosing what type of job you want – part-time, full-time, freelance, contractual, temporary etc.

5)      Even if you don’t find something that suits you, you can always post your resume. This way as when a vacancy opens up, potential employers can have access to your profile.

Find a job by going through variety of listings can be overwhelming. So, here are some useful tips to help you narrow down your options and to help you keep moving forward:

a)      Keep your portfolio in soft and hard copies. A potential employer can have access to your resume online, but in case of an interview keep a hard copy handy to submit when asked.

b)      Select your preferred location of work. Are you willing to relocate?

c)       Keep a baseline for your salary expectations. Though it is not advisable to make demands during an interview process, but you can still decide on your minimum expected salary that you are willing to accept depending upon the job profile and location.

d)      Now search the job portal for listings that match your criteria.

To obtain best results and to find IT jobs that match your requirements, make sure you register yourself in more than one job portal. This way you can have access to the best of the IT jobs available in the market!

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